Gieljan de Vries

Gieljan de Vries

science writer

About me

Ik ben Gieljan de Vries en ik schrijf al twintig jaar over wetenschap. Als journalist, in opdracht, en als voorlichter. Ik vertel pakkend en leesbaar over zelfs het meest ingewikkelde onderzoek. En ik help wetenschappers hun werk helder uit te leggen.

About me

Hi! My name is Gieljan de Vries and I've been writing about science for 20 years now. As a journalist and communicator I tell engaging stories about even the most complex research topics. And I help scientists explain the importance of their work. As long as there's a good story in there.

My topics

Physics, astronomy, quantum and nuclear. I enjoy far out topics like particle physics, relativity, teleportation, the end of the universe and interstellar nuclear propulsion.

What I do

Interview, write as a journalist or on behalf of a client, spin a tale on stage. Press contact and media training. Advise on texts and presentations.

What can I do for you?

Science journalist

As a freelance journalist I write about surprising news in science and the science behind the news. Find me online and in popular science magazines.

Science writer

Want to spotlight your research with an attractive article? I can help you with press releases, news items, interviews and background articles.

Communication advisor

As communication advisor I help scientists get their point across. I write, edit and give media training, and I support grant applications and institute evaluations.