Gieljan de Vries

Gieljan de Vries

science writer

About me

Hi! My name is Gieljan de Vries and I'm a science writer. After studying physics I've been a journalist and an editor, then a science communicator, a nowadays a bit of both. Call me a science tourist; I love dropping in on exciting or unknown research and telling the story of what I found.

As a journalist I specialise in science news. Preferably tough physics, astro or tech topics, like cosmic inflation or quantum crypto. I also highlight the science behind the news. Is Belgium closing its nuclear power plants? Then I write a piece about how to dismantle those sites and what we need to do with the waste.

My sense for what makes news and a story is a great asset in my work as a science writer and communication advisor. I produce engaging interviews and stories to spotlight exciting research, I know what kind of stories journalists are looking for and I can help you get your research in the media. In the meanwhile I can provide media training so you can get the most out of your media appearance.

After almost twenty years in science communication I know how the academic world works. From presentation advice to editing a grant application or supporting an external evaluation, I know how to hone the story and get the best result.


As a science writer I am both a fan and a critical follower of scientific research. That helps me make the connection between researchers and my audience.

2020 - now

Science writer at EUROfusion, the European consortium for research into fusion energy

2012 - 2020

Head of communication for the energy researchers at the Dutch research institute DIFFER

2008 - 2011

Head of communication for the plasma physicists of the Dutch Rijnhuizen institute

2003 - 2008

Senior editor and newswriter, physics and astronomy editor at the popular science website

1996 - 2002

MSc in physics at Utrecht University, with a specialisation in science communication

And also:


Communication advisor at the Nikhef particle physics institute to initiate communication about the Einstein Telescope NL project

2014 - 2016

Member of the editorial board of the NWO / Quest magazine ExperimentNL

2013 - now

Freelance science journalist and science writer

2006 - 2008

Co-editor of the science page of Sp!ts free newspaper

2005 - 2007

Guest teacher in the course Scientific Writing About Science at Utrecht University and the University of Amsterdam

2003 - 2008

Science correspondent for RTL Nieuws, Radio!, Hoe?Zo!-radio, BNR radio and Wereldomroep


What kind of work do I deliver? You'll find examples on the Journalist, Writer and Advice pages, but you might prefer to see what others think:

Gieljan's contributions to the public magazine DIMENSIES of NWO institute Nikhef are precisely what we want to offer our readers: accessible and to the point, and not afraid of real science.
Martijn van Calmthout
Hoofd Communicatie van Nikhef, het instituut voor subatomaire fysica
Gieljan is an excellent communication professional. In his role as head of communication of DIFFER he was responsible for advising on, production of, and the final editing of these reports.
Richard van de Sanden
Director of TU/e EIRES, former director of DIFFER