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Gieljan de Vries

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Website News Scientist NL, December 2019

Is a set of quantum clouds like a wormhole?

In 2019 I'm not doing too well. I'm at home recovering from a burnout and at first, I struggle to complete sentences. That's pretty scary for someone who used to enjoy writing about the most brain-teasing science.

When I start to improve through a lot of resting and talking, something great crosses my path: the first story in perhaps years that I want to sink my teeth into.

One pitch at the Dutch offshoot of New Scientist later, I can start writing. Sending in that pitch was pretty scary - will they give me a chance and more importantly, can I still do this? I spend days chewing on the tough paper about a link between quantum experiments in the lab and bizarre wormholes that have never been observed. Four experts talk me through the research until I dare to put my rusty pen to paper. It's a struggle of writing, deleting and rethinking, but in the end I have my story. And that feels great.

Two years later, I look back on this piece with satisfaction. Certainly, it could have been even better. For example by taking more room for a little less depth. At the same time, it was this news item that made me realise again that writing about sciencegives me energy. And since then the words have been flowing again.