Gieljan de Vries

Gieljan de Vries

science writer

Communication advice

Nikhef institute, 2018


Three 10-kilometer-long underground corridors, with lasers bouncing up and down between absolutely vibration-free mirrors: the new European observatory Einstein Telescope will be a technical tour de force that provides incomparably accurate measurements of gravity waves from the deep universe.

The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are working together on a bid to build Einstein Telescope in South Limburg; the Dutch research institute Nikhef is one of the main partners in the project. In 2018, I set up the basic structure and texts for the new website for them. Here, governments, companies and research institutions can disover what Einstein Telescope can mean for the region. op. Die moet overheden, bedrijven en onderzoeksinstellingen laten zien wat Einstein Telescope kan betekenen voor de regio.