Gieljan de Vries

Gieljan de Vries

science writer

Science writer

My nose for a good story comes in handy as a science writer and as a communication advisor. For websites and corporate magazines I produce engaging interviews and stories about exciting research. I know what journalists look for and I can help you get your story into the media. Meanwhile I prep scientists to talk to the press in a relaxed and confident way.

Nikhef-magazine DIMENSIES – interviews Veni-winnaars

Three young scientists at Nikhef win one of NWO's Veni research grants, and I interview them about their research plans.
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Nikhef-magazine DIMENSIES – LHCb-instrument Velopix geïnstalleerd met hulplijn

In edition 4 of Nikhef's DIMENSIONS, I talk to the technicians who installed a complex new part of the LHC. About explaining how to navigate that one tight corner via Zoom.
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Nikhef-magazine DIMENSIES – jubileumartikel Medipix

For edition 3 of Nikhef's magazine DIMENSIES I talked to the physicists behind the flexible particle camera Medipix, a spin-off of CERN.
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Nikhef-magazine DIMENSIES – interview met Sijbrand de Jong

In the first edition of Nikhef's magazine DIMENSIES I interviewed former chair of the CERN Council Sijbrand de Jong. About ideals, new physics and the secret of CERN.
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Radboud Universiteit – interviews met Heino Falcke

How did the famous photograph of the black hole with Event Horizon Telescope come about? For Radboud University, I wrote three interview articles about the work of Heino Falcke and his team.
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Gieljan's contributions to the public magazine DIMENSIES of NWO institute Nikhef are precisely what we want to offer our readers: accessible and to the point, and not afraid of real science.
Martijn van Calmthout
Head of Communication, Dutch institute for subatomic physics Nikhef
In his biographical story about Heino Falcke for Radboud University, Gieljan has managed to hit the perfect tone. The multiple layers in the text make the message clear to everyone, and let Gieljan convey complex information in an engaging way.
Amanda Schut
Communication officer at the astronomy department of Radboud University